Marching Again  
6 favourite marches for junior band

The long-awaited sequel to our best-selling Marching On... Six more fantastic marches for junior brass band. Great fun to play, and with lots of transposed parts (including optional percussion).

What's inside?

Childen's Songs March Medley (August Schaefer)
featuring Twinkle Twinkle, Mary Had a Little Lamb, Bobby Shafto and London Bridge is Falling Down

Them Basses (Getty Huffine)
a chance for the Troms and Basses to show off!

Old Comrades [Alte Kameraden] (Carl Teike)
popular German march from the late 19th century

Washington Post (John Philip Sousa)
one of Sousa's most celebrated marches

On the Quarterdeck (Kenneth Alford)
another moment of genius from the brains behind Colonel Bogey

One of the Best (William Rimmer)
it does what it says on the tin, frankly

Instrument Parts

Soprano Cornet in Eb - also transposed for Flute
1st, 2nd & 3rd Cornet in Bb (and transposed into C)
1st & 2nd Horn both in Eb & F
1st & 2nd Trombone / Euph / Bari in Bb treble and C bass clefs
Tuba in C (bass clef) plus Basses in Eb and Bb (treble clef)
2 optional percussion parts for side drum and bass drum | PDF sheet music for brass players - HOME