Little Shiny Brass Musical History Tour  
A music history for training band and narrator

Join us on a trip through 1000 years of music history! Perfect for players who've been learning for a year or so, with twelve short pieces (each about a minute long).

We've simplified the music to use only the most basic rhythms and a limited range of just over one octave. And, of course, they're in nice keys for all players. A narrator guides us on our journey, bringing music history to life, from plainsong, through polyphony, the Baroque, the Symphony, right through to 20th century movie scores.

Includes Learner Parts using only five notes and rudimentary rhythms.

What's inside?

The First Composer - Hildegard of Bingen
The Notre Dame School - Perotin
The Armed Man - Anon
Renaissance Men - Alessandro Striggio
The Birth of Ballet - Jean-Baptiste Lully
The Glorious Baroque - Handel
The Father of the Symphony - Haydn
The Romantic Era - Beethoven
My Homeland - Bedrich Smetana
I Predict a Riot - Anton Webern
No Business like Show Business - George Gershwin
At The Movies - Gottfried Huppertz

Instrument Parts


Soprano Cornet in Eb
1st & 2nd Cornets / Trumpets in Bb
Horn in Eb & F
Trom / Euph / Bari in Bb treble and C bass clefs
Tuba in C (bass clef) plus Basses in Eb and Bb (treble clef)


covering snare drum, cymbals, bass drum, glock, timpani


for Trumpets, Horns, Trombones, Basses & Tuba

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