Pirate Duets  
5 pirate-themed duets for beginner brass

Yo ho, me hearties! Join in these swashbuckling duets for beginner brass players!

5 pirate-themed tunes and sea shanties, each one aimed at brass players in the first year or two of learning the instrument - limited range, simple rhythms and friendly key signatures!.

Combine instruments, with alternate parts for duets between Bb, Eb, F and C instruments.

mp3 backing tracks are included, or you can play along with our exclusive YouTube videos - just click the link at the bottom of each PDF.

What's inside? - PDFs and mp3 backing tracks

Hey Ho, There She Blows!
A Pirate's Life for Me
Drink Up, Me Hearties!
The Coast of High Barbaree
Drunken Sailor

Instrument Parts

Bb Brass (treble clef)
Eb Brass(treble clef)
French Horn
Concert Pitch Brass (bass clef)

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