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Cory Junior Band
Location: Ton Pentre, South Wales, UK
Music: Junior Band - Beginners & Early Years

Based in the small village of Ton Pentre, The Cory Junior Band is part of the youth outreach arm of the world’s number 1 brass band - The Cory Band. Founded in 2013, our mission is to enrich, educate and encourage brass participation in our local area to develop our proud brass band heritage.

In June 2014 the Cory Junior Band was awarded the prestigious W.S. Gwynn Williams Award by the centre for Welsh music, Ty Cerdd, for its contribution to Welsh music and local community. The Cory Junior Band now look forward to perpetuating its activities beyond thanks to the continued support from the Arts Council of Wales.

The band consists of several 12 - 18 year olds, meeting once a week to rehearse and engage in a musical way. The band perform fairly regularly (pre-covid), including termly performances, as well as the usual festivities in the lead up to Christmas. With the age range being fairly wide, and the varying mixture of abilities it can be difficult to find music that is engaging, stimulating and a challenge for all members.

Gareth Johnson - Cory Junior Band Conductor
"Choosing music to play is a challenge, due to the range of abilities and ages. We have some members that are at the beginning of their brass journey, and others that use it as a little bit of light relief from their exam studies. We recently purchased some of Matt Kingston's excellent arrangements from Big Shiny Brass. With a large range of music available there is something for everyone, including a diverse range of difficulties and scoring variations."

"With various parts being available in different keys, I’m able to swap parts around to suit the players' abilities. Not to mention the PDF downloads are available for me to print, when the younger members ‘misplace’ their music."

"The Cory junior band are already eyeing up some new arrangements, with particular interest in the beginner and early years junior band music, and with the low prices, simplicity and ease of download with all of the Big Shiny Brass music, it makes it incredibly easy to find great new music and we can’t wait to get stuck into some more!"

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