Copyright and Performance Information

How many copies of my music can I print?

When you have purchased any of our music (or downloaded any of our free titles), you are entitled to print as many copies as you need for performance or rehearsal by your band or ensemble. Should any parts go missing, or if you need to print parts for new members then please go ahead!

What do I do if I want to perform or record a piece by Big Shiny Brass?

There's no need to get in touch; simply register the performance with PRS for Music (in the UK), or with your own country's royalty collecting agency (ASCAP, BMI etc.)

Can I upload a recording to YouTube?

Yes! Please do... and we'd love it if you could send us a link!

Can we include a Big Shiny Brass arrangement on our cd recording?

Yes, you just need to register the recording with PRS for Music or your local equivalent.